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At Foxbright Community Schools, we put the student first. With a talented, caring staff, challenging curriculum, and enriching extracurricular opportunities, we help all students grow into adults that add value to our families and our communities.  Learn more about what your child’s experience will be like by filling out this form!

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20/1 average student / teacher ratio
97% Graduation Rate
91% of students attend college post-graduation


- A Proud Parent "When my son was in the 4th grade at Foxbright Community Schools, his teacher was concerned about his classroom performance and attention level. After talking to her, I took my son to the pediatrician and tested him for ADHD. His doctor placed him on meds and he is a changed child. I am forever grateful for this teacher and how she cared so much to bring up the possibility of this"
- A Successful Student "Foxbright Community Schools is where I belong because I feel like what I do matters. I am grateful for the supportive and inclusive community at Foxbright Community Schools, and I am confident that the education and experiences I have received here will serve me well in the future. Attending Foxbright Community Schools has been an incredible experience for me."

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